JB Rubinovitz Rubinoblog


I currently spend most of my time as co-founder and CEO of Homebase.

I usually live in New York City, but am splitting my time between San Diego and NYC during COVID.


  • Data science + AI engineering for AI Governance at the MIT Media Lab
  • Co-Created Bail Bloc
  • Modeled and productionized machine learning systems at Eight Sleep
  • Co-founded Hackathon Hackers 67k+ hacker community

Reach out about

  • The future of data
  • Decentralized communities and governance
  • Walt Disney history and imagineering
  • Brazilian Jiujitsu
  • Decarceration - if you’re an organizer and I can be helpful, please reach out.
  • Rebellious Psychiatry
  • Weird finance

Communities I recommend

  • Interact
  • HackNY
  • Recurse Center
  • Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters

Ping me at [firstname]@[lastname].com.